Student & Alumni interaction on 6th March 2015




Question: Sir, please share your experience

I will let you know how I came to this Polytechnic. I passed out in 12th from Dehradun, Uttarakhand and my parents started looking for a good technical institute, that time my father was posted in Mehsana, Gujarat. In those days there was no information available readily. I was interested in Electronics or Electrical. My friend, Mr. VirendraRingola’sfather and DinshBisht’sfather went in search for Polytechnics and came to South India. They and my parents visited Manipal and Moodbidri as well, but they opted S N M Polytechnic, which was new at that time. May be they found the infrastructure here was better than that of Manipal or other colleges. However it was their choice. That is how I and my both friends ended up here. I was relieved once I reached here as there were many students from Gujarat studying here. I joined this college in 1987. But when it comes to experience, we did not know how the teachers were in those days. But today this college has grown more than my expectation. We shared very good relationship with teachers. They would help us 24*7 whenever we needed help and when we were in difficulties. Mischief of students is a part of college life. But it should be within a permissible limit. We were engaged in assignments and work. After studies I shifted back from South India to Gujarat, Gujarat to Delhi. After a very long time I came across J J Pinto Sir last year and we are regularly interacting since then.


Q: Sir, why did you opt engineering?

As I said, I was interested in Electrical or Electronics and in those days there were no sources of information. My parents wished I join engineering and I had to abide by it at that moment. I am glad that they chose me engineering field.


Q: Sir, which engineering discipline has better scope or job opportunities?

It depends on the individuals. If you are interested or have a passion for something you have better scope for it. Civil engineering has better opportunities nowadays, but it also depends upon the person who pursues it.All engineering disciplines have great scope in future.


Q: What are the career opportunities for diploma engineers?

It would be same for graduate engineers and diploma engineers. But it is easier for graduate engineers to enter the industry compared to diploma engineers. Diploma engineers needs to possess the requisite skill sets and confidence.


Q: Is industry experience a must for a startup company?

Not at all. How many promoters of companies have industry experience? It all depends on one’s management skills and self-confidence which can bring the creativity and hence growth.


Q: How is the growth of your company?

After completing my diploma in 1990 I obtained a job as service engineer and worked there for six months. Honestly I was given a SMPS and was asked to rectify the fault in one hour. I failed in it and quit the job. I pursued a short term course and joined another company, where I worked for four years. Then I joined a UK based company and worked there for 15 years and in March 2012 I started my own company. In 2013 I started another and in 2014 the third. Now we have three companies. In 2012 I decided not to bother about the revenues in the first year. We had a business of Rs.57 lacs during the first year. In the second financial year it was 90 crores and presently we have crossed 120 crores and I am expecting business from Navy too.

We have plans to get into medical electronics. We have most of the broadcasting channels under us. In aviation we have got 14 projects including the international airport at Mangalore.


Q: What kind of candidates you prefer for recruitment?

As I mentioned earlier, we have diverse interests. In the core team we prefer Electronics and Electrical candidates. We prefer diploma engineers. Presently we have about 20 diploma engineers out of the 35. Scope for automobile engineering is limited. Mechanical has wide scope at present. Nowadays even in Mechanical 70% of it is mechanical based but 30% is electronics. There is scope for every discipline and it depends on skills and individual.





Q: What made you open your own startup?

As I said, I struggled with my job till 1994. Then I got into a good job. On a day in the year 2009 I thought my income wouldn’t meet the expenses of a big joint family. So I made a firm decision to start my own business. I started my preparation and at the end I had a company in March 2012.


Q: Sir, do you offer internship programmes in your organization?

Yes, we have it for 2-3 months. But we are planning for segment based training for one year. We have been working it out internally.


Q: Were you mischievous in college?

Mischiefs are bound to happen. We used to run away for watching movies. The hostel was not that strict. My advice to you is to be within limits and do whatever. I lost first class by just 6 marks and it still pains me.


Q: What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are reading, watching movies and spending value time with my family.


Q: Sir, did you learn to speak our local languages, Kannada and Tulu?

I used to speak fluent Kannada till 1990. But I have forgotten now. I can speak a few Tulu sentences now, that’s all.


Q: Sir, would you share any instances during college life?

Yes, we, the entire batch used to visit many places in and around Moodbidri.






Q: Sir, which is important? Knowledge or skills?

Technical knowledge you get when you pass out from here. But to get the skill you have to get into your profession. Skill follows the knowledge.


Q: Do you feel that change in curriculum is needed?

Non-Autonomous institutions, such as yours, cannot change the curriculum. You have to adhere to the syllabus imposed upon you and the colleges need to align their classes and laboratories and conduct exams. Framing curriculum is the responsibility of the Government.


Q: What is essential to start a company?

You should be well versed in the business you are going to start. Good management skill is essential. Knowledge of accounting and book keeping is also an important factor when you start your own company.


Q: Don’t you feel it is risky to quit your job and start your own company?

No, Starting a company does not arise in vacuum. It is not an overnight’s job. I took nearly 15 years to take a firm decision. You cannot quit your job and wait for a month to decide what to do next.


Q: What is the message would you like to give to your students of SNMP?

Work hard and be honest. Be sincere. I wish all of you the very best for your exams. Do well and achieve all that you desire for.


Thank you