MOODBIDRI (D.K) - 574197



Esteemed President of our annual day celebrations, former Minister, Govt.of Karnataka and Chairman of our Governing Council Sri K.Abhayachandra Jain, our illustrious Chief Guestof this morning, Honorary Secretary of Canara High School Association, Mangalore, Sri M.RanganathBhat, our distinguished AlumnusSri RavikiranHegde, Deputy Chairman of our Governing Council, Sri ShirthadySampathSamrajya, esteemed members of our Management, Heads and faculty members of all the Institutions in the campus, beloved colleagues, office bearers of the Students Council, office bearers and members of Alumni Association, my dear students, members of Press & Media, ladies and gentlemen. I take this opportunity to present this brief Annual Report of our Polytechnic for the academic year 2016-17.

S.N.Mudbidri Polytechnic, named after a great Philanthropist Late S.N.Mudbidri, was established in the year 1984 with a noble intension of providing technical education to the deprived youth of this region. This Polytechnic is managed by S.M.C Trust, Moodbidri and The Academy of General Education, Manipal.

This Polytechnic is affiliated to the Board of Technical Examinations, Bangalore and is one of the reputed Polytechnics in Karnataka. All the Diploma programmes offered in this Polytechnic are approved by A.I.C.T.E., New Delhi.

Our Polytechnic offers three year’s engineering Diploma courses in seven disciplines namely, Automobile, Electronics & Communication, Electrical & Electronics, Computer Science, Mechanical, Civil, and Mechatronics Engineering.  Out of these three courses namely Automobile, E&C and E&E are govt. aided courses and receive salary grants.



Our Polytechnic is one of the nodal centres for the admission of students to I year Diploma Courses.The admissions were made as per the guidelines of Karnataka Examination Authority through online counseling. The total strength of the Polytechnic for this academic year is 996.


Staff Strength:                       

We have well trained and experienced faculty members. At present 29engineering graduates,8 Post graduates, 1 Doctorate, 5 Diploma holders in the cadre of Lecturers, 7 Diploma holders in the cadre of Instructors, 2 Junior Instructors, 1 Mechanic, 1 System Administrator, 1 Librarian and 26 supporting staff altogether 81 permanent staff members and one part time Lecturer in Kannada are working here.


Appointments / Resignations:  

On this occasion I would like to welcomeour faculty members Sri PradeepRao K.B.,Miss Pooja, Lecturers in the Dept of Computer Science &Engg, Sri Praveena M.,andSri SudheerajLecturers in the Dept. of Civil and Mechanical Engineering respectively, who have joined our institution during this academic year.

I recognize the services of Smt. Swathi andMiss. Sowjanya,Lecturers in the Dept. of Computer Science, Sri Jackson Andradeand Sri Nalina Kumar P.,Lecturers in the department of Mechanical, and CivilEngineering respectivelywho have left our institution during this academic year.


Laboratories & Workshops:-

We have well equipped workshops and laboratories in all the departments. All the necessary equipment has been procured.  To tune ourselves to the changing technology our laboratories are updated and equipped by providing additional laboratory equipment worth Rs.14,86,351/- during the year under report.  Language laboratory is set up for the use of both staff and students. 



At present we have 24187 volumes of technical books.  We have purchased text books worth Rs.16,983/- during this academic year.24 national and international technical journals, several technical and non-technical magazines, Kannada and English newspapers and monthly/ fortnightly magazines are also provided for the use of our staff & students. 


Students’ Council: 

To nurture leadership among the students the following office bearers of the Students Council were elected for this academic year on 26th August 2016.

1.      President  : Mr. Akshay Kumar, III D.C.E

2.      Vice President:  Mr. Amithraj H.R.,III D.A.E.

3.      Secretary        : Mr.Vicky Johnson Danthy, III D.M.E.

4.      Joint Secretary :  Mr. Kishor Kumar Shetty, III D E & C

5.      Cultural Secretary:Mr. Akash M. Shetty, III D.M.E.

6.      Sports Secretary  :  Mr. Deepak K., III D.C.E.


Students’ performance in the semester examinations:

a)      In the even semester diploma examinations held during the months of April/ May 2016, outof 912students appeared for the examinations,176 students passed with Distinction, 326 students passed in First Class, 62 students passed in Second Class. The overall percentage is 93%.

b)      In the odd semester diploma examinations held during November/ December 2016, out of 979 students appeared for the examinations,103 students passed with Distinction, 311 students passed in First Class, 117 students passed in Second Class and 448  students were promoted to even semester classes.

Achievements/ activities of staff members:

1)        Sri Harsha, Lecturer, E&C Engg, and Sri Ganesh Acharya attended a meeting on 4th May 2016 at Directorate of Technical Education, Bangalore regarding the online admissions.

2)      Sri Ramprasad  M., Lecturer, E&E Engg, and Programme officer, N.S.S. Unit-I  attended State Level training programme organized by Directorate of Technical Education Bangalore on 21st May 2016.

3)      Smt. Rajeshwari K.N., and Smt. Vidya Y.M, Lecturers, E&C Engg attended short term training programme on “ E-Tools and Soft Skills” held at Govt. Residential Polytechnic for Women, Shimoga between 28th June to 9th July 2016.

4)      Sri Kiran Y. Lecturer, E&E Engg attended a short term training programme on “Micro Controllers& its applications” held between 11th to 15th July 2016 at N.I.T.T.T. R, Chennai.

5)      Sri Ramprasad  M., Lecturer, E&E Engg, and Programme officer, N.S.S. Unit-I  attended a training programme organized by  Directorate of Technical Education, Bangalore held at Mysore from 11th July to 17th July 2017.

6)      Smt. Sowmya M.J., Librarian, attended a short term training programme on “D Space - Digital Library Software” from 29th August to 2nd September 2016 held at N.I.T.T.T.R., Chennai.

7)      Our N.S.S. Programme Officer Sri Ramprasad M., attended a workshop on P.M.K.V.Y. held at Bangalore on 25th October 2016.

8)      A Committee for preparing for N.B.A. accreditation is formed comprising of Sri Gangadhar K B, Sri Kiran Y., and Sri Harsha, Lecturersin the Dept. of Automobile, E&E and E&C Engg. respectively.

9)      Sri SudarshanP.Kini, Lecturer, E&E Enggwas appointed as Deputy Chief Superintendent of Examinations at K.V.G.Polytechnic, Sullia.

10)  Sri R. Ganeshan, H.O.D. Dept. of Automobile Engg was appointed as Chief Observer of examinations atN.R.A.M.Polytechnic, Nitte.

11)  Sri Harish Tantry, Lecturer, E& E Enggwas appointed as Chief Observer of examinations at K.V.G. Polytechnic, Sullia.

12)  Sri Mallikarjuna G., Lecturer in Science was appointed as Chief Observer of examinations at K.I.T., Kundapur.

13)  Sri  Suresh D.B. Lecturer, Auto Engg was appointed as a member of Squad during the semester examinations.

14)  Sri Surendra Kava,  Sri Suresh D.B., Sri Gangadhara K.B., Lecturers in Automobile  Engg, Sri Mallikarjuna G., Lecturer in Science, Smt. Noronha Tarina Rita, Selection Grade Lecturer in E& E Engg,  Sri SudarshanP.Kini, Sri Kiran Y., Lecturers in E& E Engg, Sri Chandra K.H., Sri Harsha, Smt. Jyothi, Lecturers in E&C Engg, Sri GuruprasadPrabhu M., H.O.D. of Mechanical Engg, Sri Krishnaraja, H.O.D. of Computer Science Engg,  Sri Anudeep K.S., Lecturer in Mechanical Engg, Sri Uttam P.U,  Lecturer in Civil Engg,  Smt. Priya H.S., Lecturer in English, Sri Rohith Kumar M., Sri Rajendra K., Instructors were appointed by B.T.E., Bangalore, as examiners to conduct the practical examinations at various Polytechnics. 

15)  Sri Dhavalakeerthi, HOD, Dept. of E& E Engg, and Sri Ganesh Acharya, attended a workshop on “Approval Process 2017” organized by A.I.C.T.E., South Western Regional Office, held at J.N.Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, on 7th January 2017.

16)  Sri R. Ganeshan, HOD, Dept. of Automobile Engg attended a training programme on “ E Content Development for 3rdSem Auto Engg” held from 2nd to 13th January 2017 at Bengaluru.

17)  Sri Gurudas S.P., Lect, E& C Engg, Sri Dhavalakeerthi, HOD, Dept. of E&E Engg, and Sri Suresh Bhandary, Lecturer, Mechanical Engg attended a short term training programme on “ Professional Ethics & Indian Constitution” held at Karnataka Polytechnic, Mangalore from 16th to 20th January 2017.

18)  Sri Ganesh Acharya attended a workshop for the uploading of Portal on “ All India Survey on Higher Education (A.I.S.H.E.) ” held at Mangalore Universityon 13th February 2017.

19)  Special achievements:

It is an honour to all of us that the National Service Scheme Cell, Department of Technical Education, hasawarded Sri Ramprasad M.,Lecutrer, Dept. of E&E Engg. with  BestProgramme Officer of Karnataka State for the year 2015-16.


Students’ activities and achievements:-

1)        The Annual Day Celebrations for the year 2015-16 were held on Saturday, the 19thMarch 2016 in our Polytechnic premises. Prof. NiranjanChiplunkar, Principalof N.M.A.M. Institute of Technology, Nitte, was our Chief Guest. Sri ThekkatteSudhindra, General Manager (Projects), Orb Energy Pvt. Limited, represented our Alumni. Sri K. Abhayachandra Jain, Hon’ble Minister for Youth Services & Fisheries, Chaired the celebrations.

2)        A batch of students of I year D.E.& E. Engg, underwent in plant training at S.K.F.Industries, Moodbiri for a period of 10 days during the third week of May 2016.

3)        Our students have participated in the Technical Quiz Competitions organized by Dakshina Kannada, Kodagu&Udupi District Engineer’s Association, held on 7th September 2016 at Mangalore.

4)        Teachers' day and Engineer’s day Celebrations were held in our Polytechnic on15th September 2016. Students Council of the Polytechnic organized the programme.

5)        AyudhaPooja was held in our Polytechnic on 8th October 2016. Department wise Mantap Decoration Competitions were held to the students of all branches. Dept of Automobile Engg, Dept. of E&C Engg and Dept Electrical & Electronics Engg secured I, II and III places respectively.

6)        In connection with Annual Day Celebrations, the Department wise “Talents day Competitions” was held on 16th February 2017. The Department of Automobile Engg, Deparment of Mechanical Engg and Department of Electrical & Electronics Engg secured first, second and third prizes respectively.


Extensive Survey Project:

As per the curriculum, prescribed by the Board of Technical Examinations, the sixth semester students of Diploma in Civil Enggconducted an extensive survey project near Shree Harihareshwara Temple, Durga, Karkala from 9th December to 16th December 2016.  48 students accompanied by four faculty members of the department have successfully conducted the extensive survey camp.


Industrial visits:

The students of final year Diploma in Mechanical Engg visited various Industries at Goa and Dharwad during the month of October 2016. 

Final year Diploma students of Automobile Engg accompanied by two faculty members visited various industries at Mysore and Bangalore during the first week of January 2017.

The students of 3rd year Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering accompanied by 3 faculty members visited Varahi Hydro Electric Power Project on 13th January 2017.

The students of 3rd year Mechatronics Engg visited various industries at Goa from 17th to 20th February 2017.

The students of final year Diploma in E&C Engg will visit Varahi Hydro Electric Power Project on 1st March 2017.


Visit of auditing officers:

An accounts team from the Office of the Directorate of Technical Education, Bangalore, visited our Polytechnic on 9th July 2016 for the verification of Accounts and disbursement of scholarships to the beneficiary students of our institution. The process of verification of accounts was held for a period of one week.


Seminar/ Conference held:

A special programme named “Training For Youth - I Smart ” was organized by Jayces Club of Moodbidri for our studentson 10th September 2016. 

On account of“ Road Safety Week (gÀ¸ÉÛ ¸ÀÄgÀPÁë ¸À¥ÁÛºÀ) ” Road Safety Awareness Programmewas held in our Polytechnic on 19th January 2017, It was jointly organized by J.C.I., Moodbidri,Police Station Moodbidriand N.S.S. Units of our Polytechnic. 


Activities of innovation club and other clubs:

With the intention of identifying, encouraging and nurturing the innovative talents and to develop skills among the student community, innovation club was formed in our Polytechnic. The inauguration of activities of Innovation Club & Other Clubs was held on 6th September 2016. Dr.R.G.D’Souza, Principal, Yenepoya Institute of Technology, Moodbidri inaugurated the activities for the year 2016-17. Sri S. D. SampathSamrajya, Deputy Chairman, Governing Council our Polytechnic, presided over.  Dr. S. P. Gurudas, Coordinator, of Innovation Club presented the report of the activities of the Clubs for the year 2015-16. 

Our students participated in the Technical Model Exhibition “ Do  It Yourself ” organized jointly by Dakshina Kannada, Kodagu&Udupi District Engineer’s Association and the Institute of Engineers (India) held at Mangalore on 15th September 2017.


Technical Project Exhibition &Competition held in our Polytechnic.

TheInnovation Club organised“Kaushalyam-2017”a Technical Project Exhibition in our Polytechnic on 30th and 31st January 2017.  90 innovative technical models prepared by our students focused on agriculture, irrigation, utilization of alternate energy sources, waste management and other rural& industrial requirements prepared by students of all sevendisciplineswere exhibited. Yantra Club of Mechanical Engineering emerged as the most innovative club of the year. Thousands of students from local High Schools/ Colleges visited this exhibition. Meticulous planning and arrangements were made under the leadership of Dr. S.P.Gurudas, Coordinator, Innovation Club. I must mention SriShrikanthPai K., Managing Director, A.C.E. Food Products Pvt. Ltd. Mangalore for generously extending his support in providing space and other resources to undertake their project in his firm.Sri Suresh P.S., Asst. Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engg, Alvas’ Institute of Technology, Mijar, Moodbidri and Sri. SrikanthPai, Managing Director, A.C.E. Foods Pvt. Ltd., Mangalore, were the Judges for this project exhibition competitions.

Our students will be participating in the State Level Project Exhibition 2017 competition organized by Dept. of Technical Education, Bangalore to be held at Govt Polytechnic, Bagalkot on 5th and 6th March 2017.


Achievements in Sports &Games:

The Annual Sports Meet was held on 4th February 2017.  Sri R.Prashanth D’Souza, Principal, BhuvanaJyothi Residential School, Abhinandan, Shirthady inaugurated the Sport Meet. Sri RadhakrishnaShetty, N.C.C. Officer Sri Mahaveera College, Sri DhananjayaShetty, Principal, and the students ofM.K.AnantharajD.P.Ed.,Moodbidrico-operated during the sports meet. Sri Imran Khan A, Lecturer in English, and Sri Rohith Kumar N., Instructor,Dept. of Mechanical Enggconducted the sports meet.

Our students participated in the40thState Level Polytechnic Sports meet held at Govt. Polytechnic, Karkala on 12th February 2017. Mr.Swasthik of II year Diploma in Automobile Engg has secured II place in Javelin throw.

Our students participated in M.K.Anantharaj Memorial Kabaddi Tournament and our team secured the first place.


N.S.S Activities:-

The inauguration of N.S.S activities was held on 31st August 2016.  Sri Harish Lecturer, Department of Commerce, Sri Mahaveera College inaugurated the N.S.S. activities. About 265 students enrolled as N.S.S. Volunteers for this academic year.

N.S.S. volunteers are taking up regular activities on every Saturday.

Annual Special Camp:

The annual special camp of both N.SS.units was held at the premises of Government Upgraded Higher Primary School, Saavya, BelthangadyTaluk, from 10th to 16th December 2016. Sri Dharanendra Kumar, Member ofD. K. ZillaPanchayat, inaugurated the N.S.S.Camp on 10th December 2016. Dr. Guruprasad M. Hoogar, Programme Co-ordinator, National Service Scheme, Directorate of Technical Education, Bangalore visited the N.S.S. Special Camp on 13th December 2016. The valedictory function was held on 16th December 2016. Sri B.Aboobakar, Head Master, Govt. Upgraded Higher Primary School, Saavya delivered the valedictory address.  This special camp was conducted successfully with the co-operation and active participation of our N.S.S.volunteers, staff members and all the dwellers of Savya Village.


Blood donation Camps held :

OurN.S.S.Unitsin association with Blood Bank, K.M.C. Mangalore, Indian Red Cross Society, Moodbidri Unit, and Prerana Charitable Trust®, Moodbidri, organized a Blood Donation Camp on 7th September 2016 in our Polytechnic. 165 units of blood was collected from the donor staff and students.

OurN.S.S.Units in association with Blood Bank, K.M.C. Mangalore, and Prerana Charitable Trust®,Moodbidriand Rotary Club, Moodbidri  Midtownorganized another  Blood Donation Camp on 18th January 2017in our Polytechnic. 95 units of blood was collected from the donor staff and students.

Sri RajendraPai, Convenor, Prerana Charitable Trust®, has borne the entire expenses of these Blood Camps.

Our N.S.S. Units arranged a “PASSPORT AND PAN CARD MELA”, in association with Arun Associates, Mangalore during the third week of January 2017.

Our N.S.S. Volunteers Mr. M.Gangadhar, II D.M.E, and Mr. Sudheer, II D.E&C attended the Divisional Level N.S.S Camp held at Govt. Polytechnic, Bagepalli from 11th to 17th January 2017.   

Ten N.S.S. Volunteers and N.S.S. Programme Officer Sri Ramprasad M. attended the State Level N.S.S. Special Camp held at Soraba, from 2nd to 8th February 2017.


Naional Festivals held in the Campus:

On account of  “ Independence Day ” and “ Republic Day ” flag hoisting ceremonies were  held on 15th August 2016, and on 26th January 2017,  respectively. Teachers Day Celebration and Engineers Day Celebration were also held in our Polytechnic.  


Free Midday Meal Facility:

During this academic year 66 economically poor and deserving students are provided with free mid-day meals.  We have received generous financial assistance of Rs. 67644/- fromthe well-wishers of our Polytechnic towards this noble cause. The following are the donors:



Name & address of the Donors

Amount in Rs.


Sri ShrikanthKamath, Sri Navadurga Industries, Sacheripete,KarkalaTaluk, Udupi District.

Rs. 5,000/-


Sri Ganesh Kamath, Jayabharath Trading Co., Azizuddin Road, Bunder, Mangalore



Smt.GeethaPai C/o  Jayabharath Trading Co., Azizuddin Road, Bunder, Mangalore




M/s Prerana Charitable Trust, Moodbidri



Mr. Vivian Charles Pinto, Kashipatna, BelthangadyTq(D.K)

Rs. 2,001/-


A Well-wisher of S.N.M.Polytechnic.



Smt. MeeraM.Kini, M/o Sri SrinivasaKini, Prabhu Compound, Moodbidri (D.K) -574227



Our Alumnus, Sri K.Dheeraj Kumar, “ShanthaDurga ”, Moodbidri



Dress code committee of our Polytechnic

Rs. 45,850/-


Sri. ShridharBhat, Proprietor, Sri. Guru Industries, Moodbidri






·      The Taluk Social Welfare Officer, Mangalore has sanctioned Govt. of India Post Metric Scholarship of Rs 36,440/- towards the scholars belonging to Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe.

·      The Directorate of Technical Education, Bangalore has sanctioned fees concession for the year 2015-16, which amounts to Rs.2,865/-.

·         Department of Backward Communities, Govt. of Karnataka, has sanctioned  the fees concession under the “ VidyaSiriYojana ” Scholarship Scheme for the year 2015-16, which amounts to Rs. 4,57,600/-.

·         During this academic year 326 students of our Polytechnic have applied to the Department of Backward Communities, Govt. of Karnataka, for the financial assistance for the food & accommodation, fees concession under the “VidyaSiriYojana” Scholarship Scheme of Govt. of Karnataka.

·      About 202 students have submitted applications to the Labour Welfare Organisaton, Bangalore through our Polytechnic for the sanction of Beedi Scholarships for this academic year.

·        Other scholarships will be credited by the concerned Departments directly to the individual S.B. accounts of our students. 


Cash Prizes Sponsored by our Donors:        

·         S.D.Samrajya Memorial Cash Award of Rs. 2,500/- awarded to the best outgoing student of our Polytechnic for this academic year.This award is sponsored by his sons Sri S D SampathSamrajya, and Sri S D SushanthSamrajya.

·         Sri T.N.Balipa has sponsored“Amarnath Jain Memorial Cash Award” to the meritorious student of 6th semester E&E student based on the academic performance.

·         Sri Sudarshan M., one of our alumnus hassponsored a Cash Prize in memory of Late. Mr.Sunil Kumar, Ex-H.O.D., Department of Computer Science & Engineering, to the meritorious student of Computer Science & Engineering Department.

·         Sri P.V.Bhat, Ex Principal, has sponsored a Cash Prize to the meritorious student of this academic year.

·         Sri K.M.Bhat, Ex-Lecturer in the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering has sponsored Cash Prize to the meritorious student of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

·         Sri Mohammed Sharief, Ex-Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering has sponsored Cash Prize to the meritorious student of Mechanical Engineering. 

·         Sri VenkateshPrabhu M., H.O.D. Science &Maths has sponsored cash prizes of Rs. 1,000/- each to 6 students, who have scored cent percent (100/100) marks in mathematics, in one of the semesters during the academic year 2015-16.

·         Smt. Sowmya M.J., Librarian has sponsored cash prize of Rs.3,000/-  to be given to three meritorious first year Diploma students based on their academic performances.

·         Cash prize of Rs.2,000/- sponsored by Sri R.Ganeshan, H.O.D. of Automobile Engineering, to an economically poor and meritorious outgoing student of any branch during this academic academic year.

·         Cash prize of Rs 2,000/- sponsored by Sri GuruprasadPrabhu M., Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering to a student who scores highest marks in his course- Design of Machine Elements.

·         Cash prize of Rs.2000 sponsored by Sri. Gangadhar K B, Lecturer, Dept of Automobile Engg to a student for scoring highest marks in his course – Automobile Engg. - II.

·         Cash prize of Rs.2000 sponsored by Sri. Gangadhar K B, Lecturer, Dept of Automobile Engg to a student for scoring highest marks in his course – Strength of Materials.

·         Cash prize of Rs.2000 sponsored by Sri. Kiran Y, Lecturer, Dept of Electrical & Electronics Engg to a student for scoring highest marks in his course – Utilisation of Electrical Energy and Management during the academic year 2015-16.

·         Cash prize of Rs.1000/- sponsored by Sri. Kiran Y, Lecturer, Dept of Electrical & Electronics Engg to a student for scoring highest marks in his course – Electrical Power Generation.

·         Cash prize of Rs.1000 sponsored by Sri. Kiran Y, Lecturer, Dept of Electrical & Electronics Engg to a student for scoring highest marks in his course – Elements of Electrical Engineering.

·         Cash prize of Rs.2000/- sponsored by Sri. Harsha, Lecturer, Dept of Electronics& CommunicationEngg to III SEM student for scoring highest marks in his course– Analog Communications..

·         Cash prize of Rs 1000/- sponsored by Sri Anudeep K.S., Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering to a student who scores highest marks in his course - Mechatronics.

·         Sri Dhananjaya Kumar, Proprietor, Sri Mahaveera College Stores, Moodbidri has sponsored a cash prize to the “Best Sports Performer” of our Polytechnic, for this academic year.

·         Smt.Shobha S. Hegde, Proprietor, Manjushree Driving School, Moodbidri has sponsored a gift to the “LuckyStaff” of our Polytechnic for this academic year. 

·         Sri RadhakrishnaBhat, staff member of our Polytechnic has sponsored a gift to the “LuckyStudent”of our Polytechnic.


Placement assistance through Campus selection/ interviews:

Campus recruitment drives are held for the employment of students of this Polytechnic regularly.

The final year students of Diploma Mechanical Engineering attended a campus interview held by A. O. Smith India Water Products Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru at S.D.M Polytechnic, Ujire on 30th Jan 2017.

The students of Automobile and Mechanical Enggattended a pool campus interview by Toyota Industries Engine India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru conductedat Karnataka Govt. Polytechnic, Mangalore on 12th Jan 2017.

A campus interview was held by Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt Ltd, at Dr. T.M.A.Pai Polytechnic, Manipal on 23rd and 24th Jan 2017. Our students of Automobile and Mechanical Engg.attended the interview.

Pride Group, Hyderabad conducted campus interview at Karnataka Govt. Polytechnic, Mangalore on 23rd and 24th Jan 2017 for the students of Automobile and Mechanical Engineering. Our students attended the interview.

Aninterview was held by Smart D.V.Company, Bengaluru at Alva’s Engg College, Moodbidri on 4th Feb 2017. Our Students of Electronics and Communication Engg.Attended.

Advaith Hyundai, conducted campus interviewsin our Polytechnic on 9th Feb 2017 for the students of Diploma in Automobile, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engg. 36 students of our Polytechnic are placed. 54 students are shortlisted for the second and final round.

Atria Convergence Technologies, Bengaluru has conducted campus interview in our Polytechnic on 10th Feb 2017 for the students of all the seven Courses.32 students of our Polytechnic are selected for the appointment and the offer letters are awaited.

MandoAutomotive India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, has conducted a pooled campus interview in our Polytechnic on 14th and 15th of Feb 2017.  About 112 students of Automobile, Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication Enggfrom 10 Polytechnics including ours attended theinterview. 

J.B.M.Group has conducted a campus interview in our Polytechnic on 17th February 2017, for the students of Diploma in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering.37 students from our Polytechnic and 88 students from other Polytechnics attended the interview.

There are few more industries in the pipeline for the Campus Drive events which will be held shortly. A list of students placed in different companies year wise is made available in our College website.


Maintenance of discipline:

Utmost precautions have been taken for the maintenance of discipline in this institution.  As per the direction of Govt. of Karnataka we have formed various Committees for the maintenance of discipline in the institution.

·      Anti-sexual Harassment Committee is formed to protect women against sexual abuse or any such menaces in the campus.

·      Anti- Ragging Committee is formed to curb ragging in the campus. Every student is made to give an undertaking in this regard.

·      Committee on Women’s Security, Welfare and Grievance Redressal to proactively take up women’s issues to ensure safe and secure women friendly atmosphere in the institution.

·      Dress Code committee is formed in the Polytechnic to oversee the dress code issues.

·      Internal Quality Assurance Cell is constituted in the Polytechnic to ensure continuous improvement in Academic, Administrative and financial aspects of the Polytechnic.

·      SC/ST grievances committee is formed to address the grievances of SC/ST students.

·      Internal complaints committee is formed to address the grievances of students and staff of the Polytechnic.


College Cafeteria:

A cafeteria is set up in our College Campus. A Committee comprising of staff members and student representatives is formed to monitor and take appropriate actions to provide quality and hygienic food and beverages at nominal price.


Clean Campus Campaign:

As per the clean campus drive every student and staff shall engage at least one hour per week in maintaining cleanliness in the campus. Different time slots are assigned to different classes in the week. This drive was initiated with a noble intension of forming a habit among students rather than a mere publicity. I appreciate all the students and staff for actively engaging themselves to keep our surroundings clean.


S.N.M. P. Alumni Association:

Most of our old students are well settled.  These old students are our ambassadors and hence mirror our image at the world of work. These students have formed an alumni association which is very active. The Office bearers of this association meet regularly.Alumni representative Sri RavikiranHegdeis also an active member of this Alumni Association.The office bearers are:

·         President – Sri Sharath J Shetty

·         Vice-President – Sri Shruthanjan Jain

·         Secretary – Sri NagarajV.Kamath

·         Treasurer – Sri Chandra K. H.

·         Joint Secretary – Sri Sudarshan

·         Organising Secretary – Sri Uttam P.U.

·         Sports Secretary – Sri RamprasadM.,and Sri Rohith Kumar


Old students Association organized a motivation programme to the outgoing students of our Polytechnic on 9th Feb. 2017. Mr.. Ivan C Monteiro, Prithvi Services, Mangalore delivered a lecture on “empower yourself” during this programme. A group of old students namely Mr. AshithPandith, Mr. ManjunathRao, Mr. Francis D’Souza and Mr. Ashwath interacted with our outgoing students on career opportunities in marketing and sales, skills & practices to be acquired on 9th Feb. 2017. Staff vs Old students and Old studentsvs present studentsCricket Matches and Volley Ball Matcheswere organized by Alumni Association on Saturday, the 11th February 2017.



I thank the officials of AICTE, New Delhi, for extending their approval for the year 2016-17.  I thank Sri H.U.Talwar, Director of Technical Education, Bangalore, Sri R.Manjunath, Secretary, Board of Technical Exams, Dr.GuruprasadM.Hoogar,Programme Co-ordinator,National Service Scheme, D.T.E.,Bangalore, The Director and faculty of N.I.T.T.T.R. Chennai, for their support in smooth functioning of this Polytechnic. I would like to thank all the donors for sponsoring the scholarships/ proficiency awards,education loans, cash prizes etc., to our students.  On behalf of all the beneficiaries of free mid-day meals, I thank all the donors for generously contributing  this noble cause. I thank the Officials of various industries for opting to conduct campus interviews in our Polytechnic and also for permitting our students during industry visits.



a)    Sri M. SubhashchandraPadival, Kallamundkur, member of SriMahaveera College Trust, Moodbidripassed away on 17th October  2016.

b)   Sri P. SadanandaBhat, member of Governing Council of S.N.M.P., and  Treasurer, Sri Mahaveera College Trust passed away on 22nd January 2017. 

With profound grief the staff and students of our Polytechnic condole the sad demise of both these visionaries who have toiled hard in the progress of this institution.


Before I conclude it is my ardent duty to thank my “TEAMSNMP”for providingconducive atmosphere for teaching/ learning at this Polytechnic.  Every staff member both teaching &non-teaching, are walking along with me towards our destination of making this Polytechnic one of the best in this region, I will be failing in my duty if I do not mention the names of my colleagues who have shouldered important responsibilities in the smooth functioning of our day-to-day activities.

* Sri R. Ganeshan, Incharge for drafting time table, workload distribution.

* Sri Surendra Kava, Secretary, Staff Association, and Co ordinator, Automobile Club,  (Envato)

* Sri Dhavalakeerthi,Co ordinator, Internal Grievance Cell.

* Sri Mallikarjuna G., Editor & Co ordinator, Magazine Committee

* Smt. Noronha Tarina Rita, Co ordinator, I.Q.A.C., Co-ordinator, Anti-sexual Harassment Committee and for preparing the Calendar of events.

* Dr. S.P.Gurudas,  Coordinator, Innovation Club, Kaushalyam, and Language lab.

* Sri Suresh D.B.,Student Welfare Officer and Co ordinator for Internal Assessment Examinations.

* Sri Harish Tantri M., Co ordinator, Dress Code Committee, and Co ordinator, Electrical Club.

* Smt. Vidya Y. M., Co ordinator, Spoken Tutorial, Free open Source Software.

* Sri Harsha,  Incharge , Online admissions, N.B.A. Co ordinator, Dept of E&C Engg, and Co ordinator, E&C Club.

*SriGangadhar K.B., –Placement Officer and N.B.A. Co ordinator,  Dept. of Auto Engg.

* Smt. Jyothi,  Coordinator, EDUSAT.

*  SriKiran Y.,  N.B.A. Co ordinator, Dept of E&E Engg

* SriUdaya and Sri Anudeep K.S., for organizing Remedial Classes

* Sri Arul Leonard Miranda, Coordinator - Photography Club, and Mechatronics Club

*SriSushanthG.Hegde K., Incharge for Identity cards.

* SriRamprasad M., Programme Officer, N.S.S.Unit-I, and for updating our website regularly.

* Sri KumareshwarRathod,-Programme Officer, N.S.S. Unit – II and Co ordinator for  SC/ ST grievances committee.

*  SriUttam P.U., Youth Red Cross Officer, Co ordinator, Civil Club.

*  Sri Imran Khan A., Incharge for Sports & Games activities.

*  SriRohith Kumar M., for assisting the Sports & Games activities

* Sri Suresh Bhandary, Co ordinator, Mechanical Club.

* Miss. Pooja, Co ordinator, Computer Club.

* All the Academic Advisors & Proctors for taking keen interest in the academic progress of students.

* Sri Anil Pinto, System Administrator&Incharge for office automation.

* Smt. Sowmya M.J., and Smt.Poornima Suresh  for providing ambience in the Library and for the patience to deal with our demanding students.

* Sri HarishBhat, Office Superintendent and his team of office staff for their active support in all the administrative matters of this institution.

*All the non-teaching/ supporting staff members for their co-operation in all the activities.


Before concluding this report, I would like to thank the President of our Trust Sri Ramdas M. Pai and all the members of the Trust who are readily accessible for every help & advice to our institution. I thank Ex Minister for Youth Services & Fisheries, Govt. of Karnataka and our Chairman of Governing Council, Sri K.Abhayachandra Jain, Dr. H S Ballal, President ofAdministrative Committee, Academy of General Education, Manipal, Dr. H Shantharam, Secretary, AGE, Sri H PremanandaPrabhu, Treasurer, S.M.C.Trust, Sri S. D. SampathSamrajya, Deputy Chairman ofour Governing Council, Prof.H.ChandrashekharDixit, Secretary of S.M.C.Trust,members of the Governing Council, Dr.L.C.Soans, Dr.H.Shantharam, Sri. H. UdayashankarPrabhu, Sri K. R.Pandith, Sri. C H Abdul Gafoor for their guidance and co-operation in each & every aspects of our endeavor to grow.  I recognize the selfless and sincere services of all my colleagues, both teaching and non-teaching, without their unstinted support and team work this Polytechnic would not have grown to this level.  I will be failing in my duty if I do not appreciatethe co-operation and discipline of the office bearers of our students’ council and all the students of this Polytechnic. Thanks are due to the office bearers, and also to all the members of our Alumni Association.

Also I pray Almighty God, for the health and happiness of all those who directly or indirectly help us in the path of excellence.


Thank you one and all,                                                           




Dated: 23rd February 2017.