Faculty Members

Rajeshwari K. N.,B.E.

Mob.: 9964411923

e-mail: rkdeptec@gmail.com

D.O.B: 19th May

Date of Joining : 18-8-1998

Teaching Experience: 18 years

Subjects handled: Analog Electronics, Semiconductor Devices, Advanced Communication, Data Communication & Networks, MAT Lab, Analog Electronics Lab, PCB Communication Lab, VHDL Lab, C Programming

Additional Responsibility : As H.O.D.  of E & C Engineering from 2009 - till date.

As Academic Reviewer

          Member of Magazine Committee

       Member of Uniform committee

Vidya Y. M. B.E.

Mob.: 9900598930

e-mail: vidyay.m_83@yahoo.com

Date of Birth: 20-7-1974

Date of joining: 04-08-1999

Subjects handled: VHSIC hardware descriptive language,VHSIC hardware discriptive language lab, Arm controller, Arm controller lab, Programming with C, Electronic Measuring Instruments

Teaching Experience:17 years

Additional Responsibilities: Acadamic adviser
                                        Member of admission commitee

Vishwanath K. B.E.

Mob.: 9964411920
e-mail: vkukian@yahoo.com

D.O.B: 19th December

Date of joining : 9-12-2002

Teaching Experience: 23 years

Subjects handled: Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering Components Data Communication & Computer Networks( theory &, Lab), Digital Communication ( theory &, Lab), Analog Communication( theory &, Lab), Medical Electronics, Electronic Measurements & Instruments, Advanced Microprocessor.( theory &, Lab), Microcontroller & Applications,VHDL Lab, T.V. Lab, P.C. Hardware Lab

Additional Responsibility:  Academic Advisor

Dr.Gurudas S.P. B.E.

Mob.: 9945370655

e-mail: gurudas_sp@yahoo.com

D.O.B.: 17th December

Date of Joining : 7-7-2003

Total Teaching Experience : 20 years

Subjects handled: Semiconductor Devices, Analog Electronics(theory & lab), Digital electronics,Digital Electronics & Intrdn. to Microprocessors, Advanced Microprocessors(theory & lab), Microcontrollers & Appln.(theory & lab), Industrial Automation & PLC (Theory & lab), Basic Management Skills & Indian Constitution

Additional Responsibility: Additional responsibility : Website committee member ,

Chandra K. H. D.E.C

Mob.: 9945048950


D.O.B.: 03-08-1961

Date of joining this institution: 26-10-1987

Total teaching experience: 29 years

Subjects handled: Digital Electronics I(Theory & lab), Analog Electronics, Semiconductor Devices(theory & lab), Audio & video Engineering, PC Hardware & networking lab

Additional Responsibility: Academic Advisor, E-club co-ordinator

Jyothi  B.E.

Mob: 9986773651

e-mail: jyothi.snmp@gmail.com

Date of Birth:08-10-1983

Date of joining:15-12-2006

Subjects handled:Analog communicatiom,C Programming, Microcontroller lab,PCB Simulation lab

Teaching Experience: 11 years

Additional Responsibility : Placement Officer



Harsha  B.E


Mob: 9902880100

e-mail: harsha.snmp@gmail.com

Date of Birth:12-07-1983

Date of joining:04-04-2014

Total Experience :3 Years





Divya D.E.C.
Mob.: 9964519958

Date of Birth:19-12-1987

Date of joining:01-07-2008

Subjects handled:Programming with C lab, digital lab,BCSlab

Total Experience: 9 years

Additional Responsibilities: Member of Examination commitee member, Magazine commitee member


Raghavendra Rao


mob: 9900908940

e-mail: raaghec@gmail.com

D.O.B.: 6th January

Date of Joining this institution: 17-04-1995

Total Experience: 22 years

Ravindra Kumar



D.O.B.: 3rd April

Date of joining this institution : 14-08-1993

Total experience : 24 years






email: vedasnmp@gmail.com

D.O.B.: 8-04-1992

Date of joining this institution : 19-05-2014

Total Experience :3 Years


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