Faculty Members:

Venkatesh Prabhu M., M..Sc

Sl. Grade Lecturer , H.O.D. - Science & Maths

mob: 9880380272


D.O.B : 13th January

Date of Joining this institution: 04-09-1985

Teaching Experience: 34 years

Subjects Handled : Mathematics

Additional Responsibility held: H.O.D. of Maths & Science Department,

                                            Staff Representative in Governing Council of SNM Polytechnic

                                            Member of Magazine Committee

                                            Academic Advisor of 1st year Automobile

                                            Member of Admission committee



Mallikarjuna G.,M.Sc., B.Ed.
Sl. Grade Lecturer in Science

mob: 9964411906


D.O.B: 18th July

Date of joining this institution:03-09-1992

Total teaching experience: 27 years

Subjects handled: Applied Science theory & Practical

Additional Responsibility held: Academic Advisor of 1st year

                                                  Chief Co-odinator of Magazine Committee, 

Rajendra B.Sc.,C.I.C

Lecturer in Science


e-mail :

D.O.B.: 5th October

Date of joining : 10-08-1996

Subject handled: Mathematics

Teaching experience : 23 years

Additional responsibility : Academic Advisor

Imran Khan A. M.A.

Lecturer in English

Contact no : 9739911159

e-mail :

D.O.B.: 25-06-1983

Date of joining : 08-07-2009

Total experience in teaching : 10 years

Subjects handled : English communication

Additional responsibilities: Sports & games In-charge

                                       Assistant warden of Boys' hostel

                                       Member of magazine committee

                                       Co-ordinator of study -hour activity in hostel


Mrs. Priya H.S.M.Sc.

Lecturer in Science

contact no.: 9535438148


D.O.B.: 30-03-1986

Date of joining : 14-09-2010

Total teaching experience : 9 years

Subjects handled : Physics (theory & practicals)

Additional Responsibilities :

Mrs. Sowmya M.J. M.Lib.Sc.



D.O.B.: 24th February

Date of joining the institution : 27-11-1998

Total experience : 21 years

Mrs. Revathi  M. Kotian

Group D

D.O.B.: 04-10-1977

Date of joing the institution : 17-07-2004

Total experience : 15 years