S.N.M. PLYTECHNIC | Project to build 70mts Katta across Phalguni river, near Hosangadi, Moodbidri

Project to build 70mts Katta across Phalguni river, near Hosangadi, Moodbidri

The quote “water is the new oil” best fits the current water crisis. Fresh water is being withdrawn from surface water sources and ground water aquifers at rates faster than replenishment or recharge.

Fresh water is essential to life, and yet we are using it faster than it can be replenished. Ground water levels are depleting on a day to day basis. As the water consumption increases it is important to adequately recharge aquifers in order to maintain the ground water levels. Water awareness campaign to educate our staff and students is effectively done every year in our Polytechnic. As an extension of this awareness a project was taken up by our NSS unit to build a Katta (A dam built using sand and mud to store water for irrigation purposes and to replenish the ground water) across the river Phalguni, at a place called Thorpu near Hosangadi about 15 kms from our college. The project was intended to store flowing water for the irrigation purposes of local farmers. Besides this the stored water is expected to raise the depleted water table.

This project was implemented on 21st January 2018 in association with Rotary Club of Moodbidri and local villagers. About 100 NSS volunteers along with 5 faculty members joined to build the Katta of about 70mts length using around 2000 bags of sand. Mud was used to fill the gaps to prevent leakage of water. The work began at 9.30am and was completed at 3pm. Breakfast, Lunch and soft drinks were provided by Rotary Club Moodbidri and local villagers. The work was very much appreciated by the local village administration


Hosadigantha 22-01-2018



Prajavaani - Karnataka Darshana 30-01-2018


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