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Student Induction Programme

Report on the Induction program conducted from 15th to 19th July 2019

One week induction program for the new entrants for the academic year 2019-20 was conducted from 15th July 2019 onwards. Schedule for the induction program was prepared with sessions on different topics to make the students feel comfortable in the new environment. The induction program was focused on introducing the faculty and providing the details of the activities heldduring the entire academic year in their respective departments.

Induction program began with Principal’s address to all the new entrants in the presence of all the heads of the departments. Information on the establishment of the polytechnic, working of the polytechnic, management structure, variousprogrammes offered, approvals and affiliations, facilities and opportunities for the students for their all-round growth were highlighted. The students were then directed to visit their respective departments for a mutual introduction. The HODs introduced the faculty members of their department and the various courses the students need to undergo during their courses of study, their time table, functioning of clubs, assistance provided and the laboratory classes etc.

In the core branch presentation the student were provided with detailed information on who, what, when, where, why and how about their departments. The significance of the chosen vocation/discipline was presented with sufficient picture/ video messages to make the student understand their specialization field. All the faculty members of the departments participated.

Next day a motivational talk by experts was arranged to inspire the students to chase and achieve their dreams. The session was made lively with lots of activities and games for students. All the students were made to involve.

All the 1st year students were grouped into batches A, B, C and D with 75 students in each. Each batch was exposed to the sessions on Universal Human Values 1 and 2, Proficiency and literary skills, life skills, extracurricular activities and placement. These sessions were held in parallel for all the batches. All these sessions were engaged by our faculty members with thorough prior preparation. Basic skills required for every human being to lead a good life were discussed. In the proficiency and literary skills emphasis was given to improve English language, tips to improve English, comprehension, listening skills, telephone etiquettes, letter writing skills, e-mail communication, group discussion and debate, difference between them was explained by conducting activities and power point presentation. Extra-curricular activities and placement sessions comprised of list of various extra and co-curricular activities that are held in the college, student involvement and participation, benefits from these activities in building personality and also to face the challenges of life. This was presented with the help of previous year’s photographs, pictures, examples of few successful students. The placement area in the session covered the preparation for obtaining gainful employment after the completion of three years.

On the last day, the interaction of 1st year students with senior students i.e. 2nd and 3rd year students was arranged. The purpose of this session was to curb ragging and make the new entrants get acquainted with seniors and to provide them guidance about the department, share their experiences and seek support from the resources available in the departments. All the first year students were assigned to proctors from among the faculty in the department. The proctors had one-to-one discussion with their allotted students to understand individual student’s problems and to address the diversity among the students. Problems such as economic status, family structure, academic problems, health and other aspects which could not be discussed publicly by students were discussed with the proctor.

In the afternoon on the last day, an interaction with the old students of the departments was arranged. Every department invited 3-4 Alumni to address the students and to share their success stories. This was made to make the students to feel confident about the choice of college and branch. Invited Alumni were very happy with our invitation and shared their experiences openly and made the new entrants to aspire for big.


Feedback on rating scales with different dimensions was collected. The students have expressed their satisfaction on most of the topics covered and also few suggestions to improve this induction program further. These suggestions are considered favourably and will be implemented in the future to refine the entire induction program.

Principal Address & Core branch Presentation











Motivational Talk


















Life Skills



















Universal Human Values I & II



























Proficiency module & literary activities
























Extra curricular activities & Placement















Proctor Module & senior student’s interaction






























Alumni Interaction 

























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