Faculty Members:


Mallikarjuna G.,M.Sc., B.Ed.
H.O.D & Sl. Grade Lecturer in Science

mob: 9964411906


D.O.B: 18th July

Date of joining this institution:03-09-1992

Total teaching experience: 28 years

Subjects handled: Applied Science theory & Practical

Additional Responsibility held: Academic Advisor of 1st year

                                                  Chief Co-odinator of Magazine Committee, 

Rajendra B.Sc.,C.I.C

Lecturer in Science


e-mail :

D.O.B.: 5th October

Date of joining : 10-08-1996

Subject handled: Mathematics

Teaching experience : 24 years

Additional responsibility : Academic Advisor

Imran Khan A. M.A.

Lecturer in English

Contact no : 9739911159

e-mail :

D.O.B.: 25-06-1983

Date of joining : 08-07-2009

Total experience in teaching : 11 years

Subjects handled : English communication

Additional responsibilities: Sports & games In-charge

                                       Assistant warden of Boys' hostel

                                       Member of magazine committee

                                       Co-ordinator of study -hour activity in hostel


Mrs. Priya H.S.M.Sc.

Lecturer in Science

contact no.: 9535438148


D.O.B.: 30-03-1986

Date of joining : 14-09-2010

Total teaching experience : 10 years

Subjects handled : Physics (theory & practicals)

Additional Responsibilities :

Mrs. Sowmya M.J. M.Lib.Sc.



D.O.B.: 24th February

Date of joining the institution : 27-11-1998

Total experience : 22 years

Mrs. Revathi  M. Kotian

Group D

D.O.B.: 04-10-1977

Date of joing the institution : 17-07-2004

Total experience : 16 years