The Polytechnic has established full-fledged laboratories, workshops  for all departments as per the standards laid down by AICTE, New Delhi. The management has so far invested about 2 crores of rupees for procuring equipments to laboratories and workshops


1.    The students should be regular and punctual in their practical work in the laboratory.

2.    All the equipments and materials given to students for the practical work should be handled with care. Damages and breakages shall be paid for  together with such penalty as may be imposed by the principal.

3.    The student should check the equipments and materials before commencing the experiment and hand over the materials intact to the attender / person concerned as soon as experiment is completed.

4.    Each student must provide himself with the observation note book and Record Book. Record of practical work must be  regularly maintained and submitted.


Well established, equipped computer laboratories are available for the use of all departments.