S.N.M. PLYTECHNIC | Student Induction Programme 2021-22

Student Induction Programme 2021-22

Student Induction Programme (SIP) was organised from 4th Oct. to 9th Oct. 2021 for all the newly admitted students of S N Mudbidri Polytechnic. This is conducted to help new students adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment, inculcate in them the ethos and culture of the institution, help them build bonds with other students and faculty members, understand the new teaching-learning methodologies and expose them to a sense of larger purpose and self-exploration. Such programmes are conducted with a purpose of reducing dropouts and absenteeism, and also to increase the student commitment and learning satisfaction.

Schedule of Student Induction Programme 2021-22









Introduction to SNMP & about SIP

Chairman, Management, Principal



Motivation talk

Shri. Rajendra Bhat


About SNMP & Culture

Shri. J J Pinto, Principal


Talent search rules & details





UHV, Activities, Team work




UHV, Activities, Team work



UHV, Activities, Team work





Life Skills

Ms. Srividya



Expectations of employers from freshers

Dr. Harisha, GM, Production Manager, ACE Foods Pvt. Ltd


Talent search entries





Environment concerns &Protection

Ms. Shilpa, Env. Engg, TMC



Scholarships & Govt. facilities

Sri. Narayana Naik, Retd. Teacher


First Aid & Importance

Dr. Krishna Mohan Prabhu, MD


Health & Hygiene

Dr. Shashikala, MO, CHC



10am- onwards

Department visit & interaction

HODs, staff & Old students



Talent exhibition



Chief coordinator: Shri. Ramprasad, Lecturer, Dept. of E&E Engg, Programme Officer, NSS

Coordinators:        Dr. S P Gurudas, Lecturer, Dept. of E&C Engg., Coordinator-Kaushalyam

                             Shri. Suresh D B, Lecturer, Dept. of Auto Engg., Student Welfare Officer (SWO)

Assistance:           All the teaching & non-teaching staff and NSS volunteers


4th Oct. 2021:

9.30am-10.30am: Inaugural session

Principal, Shri. J J Pinto explained the purpose of SIP and welcomed the gathering. Governing Council Chairman, Shri. K Abhayachandra Jain inaugurated the SIP and addressed the freshers about the purpose and inception of the Polytechnic in 1984. He briefed the selfless services of S N Mudbidri in establishing the Polytechnic. He appealed to the students to work hard and realize the dreams of the founders. Deputy Chairman Shri. S D Sampath Samrajya motivated the students with examples of inspirational personalities.


10.30am-1pm: Motivational talk:

Shri. Rajendra Bhat, renowned trainer delivered motivational talk. He appealed to the students through a number of stories of different persons, incidents and living examples to make the students feel good about them. He stressed on the importance of the qualities which could be imbibed in their lives. It was an emotional process, which could cause the students to feel inspired.







2.30-3pm: About SNMP and its culture

Shri. J J Pinto, Principal informed the students about the structure of Polytechnic, student culture, opportunities and facilities available for students in the Polytechnic. The various curricular and extracurricular activities practiced in the institution were also mentioned.


3-3.30pm: About Talent search and exhibition

Shri. Suresh D B, SWO invited students to exhibit their talents through a Talent exhibition to identify and nurture such talents. He informed them about the entire event and how to participate in such programmes.


5th Oct. 2021

Three students groups were formed randomly. Three parallel sessions of 90 minutes each on Universal Human Values by Dr. S P Gurudas, Activities at SNMP by Shri. Ramprasad and Team work by Shri. J J Pinto were conducted on rotation for three groups.




7th Oct. 2021

10-2pm: Life Skills

Life Skills session was conducted for the students with plenty of games and activities by Ms. Srividya, NIMHANS trained resource person. The 10 life skills listed by WHO which are very important for every individual were demonstrated. All the students actively participated with lot of enthusiasm.



3-4pm: Expectations of employers from freshers

Dr. Harisha, GM, Production and Supply Chain, ACE Foods Pvt. Ltd interacted with students highlighting the skills required for employment. With his vast experience in the employment field he informed the students about the factors which enhance the employment opportunities of fresh graduates.


 4-4.30pm: Talent exhibition entries were collected by Shri. Suresh D B from desiring students. The rules of the talent exhibition were discussed.


8th Oct. 2021

10-11.15am: Environment concerns and protection

Ms. Shilpa, Environment Engineer, Town Municipality Corporation, Moodbidri delivered a talk on the concerns and issues of deteriorating environment. She appealed to students about the good habits to be developed in environment protection. She was assisted by Ms. Suhasini, Research Assistant. She presented her views on green campus.


11.30-12am: Scholarships and Government facilities to students

Shri. Narayan Naik, Retd. Teacher explained the various scholarships available to students under various categories. He also mentioned different government schemes for students and the procedure to avail these facilities.



12.15-1.30pm: First Aid and its importance

A very informative session on First Aid and its importance was presented by Dr. Krishna Mohan Prabhu, MD with demonstrations. He explained the necessity of knowing the basic First Aid procedures in saving lives on various accidents and critical events.


2.30-4pm : Health & Hygiene

In the present context of the pandemic, Dr. Shashikala, Medical Officer, CHC, Moodbidri explained the need of paying attention to health and hygiene. She mentioned the present pandemic situation, safeguarding methods and the benefits of these hygienic methods.



9th Oct. 2021:

10 AM - 1Pm : Visit to departments, interaction with faculty, present and old students 

The students were invited to their concerned departments. The heads of the departments and faculty members introduced themselves to the students. The students were made to visit the laboratories. Interactions with present and old students of the departments was arranged. The present and old students shared their experiences and answered queries. Schedule of classes and labs was informed to all the freshers.

Valedictory and talent Exhibition was organized at 2pm onward. Some of the freshers shared their experiences and views on the entire SIP. Principal Shri. J J Pinto made his remarks and observation on SIP and asked the students to feel comfortable during their association with the institution. He also informed them to take the support of mentors/counsellors under any adverse/problematic situations.

It was very encouraging to see many of the fresher students participating in the talent exhibition programme. Shri. Suresh D B, SWO conducted the Talent Exhibition with spot games.

Shri. Ramprasad, Coordinator proposed vote of thanks.


Valedictory and talent Exhibition