S.N.M. PLYTECHNIC | M.T.X -- Techno collage

M.T.X -- Techno collage


The M.T.X club had organized a Techno Collage competition on 13th of September. The entries were  judged by Dr.Gurudas S.P. from E & C Department, Mrs. Noronha Tarina Rita from E & E Department and Mr. Venkatesh Prabhu, HOD of  Maths & Science Department.

The list of Winners of the TECHNO COLLAGE event is as follows:

1st Place:     Rakshith Shetty(V sem DMC)

                   Noukesha (V sem DMC)

2nd place:     Mohan (III sem DEC)

                   Sukesh (III sem DEC)   

3rd place :    Sowmya S.P.(V sem DEC)

                   Sowmya(V sem DEC)